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Men interested in dating beautiful women should first develop their own self-confidence.

The problem many men face is lacking the ability to believe that they deserve a top-notch partner. This poor self-image, in turn, results in bad relationships. When a highly desirable woman makes herself available to this sort of man, he unintentionally destroys things. Thinking the woman too good for him, he forces her away.

Some men rationalize that beautiful women must only want money. These men think, “Why else would she be coming on to me?

The first step in getting that dream woman is creating a positive image of oneself. Begin each day by praising your best qualities. Before long, you will seemingly start attracting intelligent, pretty women. In reality, these women have always been available; you may have been repelling them with inward negativity. Some men believe women want a man who is in control. These men attempt to boss their mates around, often destroying the relationship in the end. Nobody wants to be treated like a slave by his or her lover.

Women do want a strong man; however, they admire self-control over outward strength. Demonstrating to women that you can handle problems and think rationally in difficult situations drives them wild. A man should be like a quiet, calculating captain of a ship.

There is no need to yell and give orders all the time. In contrast, being there when she needs a strong shoulder to cry on is better.

No woman wants to spend time with a boring man. She already has to be around coworkers, family and neighbors all day. Why would she choose a mate who cannot provide a little variety to life?

A man looking to find female companionship should develop a sense of humor. One way to do so is by listening to professional comedians. Studying the rhythms of their jokes will help you understand how to create your own. Another option is to watch classic comedy films. These movies that have stood the test of time possess enduring comedic qualities that will prove useful when out on a date. When things get too quite, a well-timed joke can be a nice icebreaker.

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